A Pilar of Comfort

When Carter was in the intensive care unit in Oregon after his traumatic brain injury, he was struggling with pain and double vision. In the early morning hours after an arduous night, he asked me to come and lay beside him because he saw two of me and he would feel better if the real one was close to him. As I laid there, my heart ached because I could not take the pain away. I wanted to be his substitute but had to settle as his soother instead.

Friend, God must see you, His child, like I saw mine in those wrenching moments. He looks down and knows you are struggling, in pain and hurting. For reasons you do not understand, He cannot take the pain away, but He does desire for you to invite him to come and lay down beside you so that He may be a pillar of comforter and peace.

The love of God does not negate our suffering, but it gives us what we need to get through and beyond it.

I pray you welcome Him into your circumstances tonight and that His peace is perceivable in your weary heart and pacifying to your worn out hands.

Be watchful. His steadfast faithfulness manifests in many ways.

You are loved.❤️


Give Me Grace

Jesus when loved ones are struggling, relationships are shaky, people are ailing, help me resist the desire to fix what is.  May I remember that scrambling for solutions can become a form of control and unbelief.  Keep me cognizant that it takes more courage and faith to release my most precious treasures to You, free of my clinging hands.  Allow me to care without control, hold without hovering and support without suffocating all people and situations I encounter today and each day forward.  Jesus grant me the grace that enables me to rest not carefree, but confidently in your sovereignty amidst the backdrop of a broken world.  Amen.


Diamonds Not Dirt

cbc9db013b10803ece68b8cd45262734When we are secure in who we are and where our true identity resides, in Christ, hate, blame and complaining subside. We are then free to build-up, motivate, encourage, compliment and accept the beliefs of others that are contrary to our own without anger, resentment or protest. We are visual people. Of all the looking around we do, be one who looks for “diamonds,” not dirt.  I am always a work in progress.  You are loved.


Prayer for the Suffering This Morning


Jesus in a world of evil that produces the likes of Ashley Madison convict us to lay down our stones of hatred and stretch out our arms in help. Give us the strength to be peace planters, not problem perpetuators. Families are being ravaged by sin. Suffering is no surprise to You, Father. You are not shaking your head in disbelief or seeing us with disparagement. The world says we are doomed, but with confidence You say, ALL, can be delivered. In Your economy Lord, the redemption starts at the moment of the wreckage. Help us remember that you are in the business of restoration, not ruination. You represent redemption, not retaliation. You are a fountain of mercy, not misery; and You Lord are a grace giver, not grievance granter. Lend comfort to the hurting Father; the innocent, the condemners and the condemned. May we go and sin not, but when we do, remind us that in repentance and rest is our salvation. In quietness and trust is our strength.~ Isaiah 30:15. Amen.

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Standing In the Gap


There is someone today who needs you to stand in the gap and hold their weary arms up. Maybe it is through prayer, a phone call or lending a helping hand. Lord focus our eyes to see the needs that are so prolific around us. Give us the grace to be in-touch, interruptible and intentional so we may walk each other home well. Amen.