Prayer for Paris

God, please turn the chaos into calm in the city of Paris tonight. Be near to hearts that have been crushed and confused by the chaotic commotion that is taking place. People are scared Father. Fear permeates borders and rattles hearts and minds all over our world. Despite it all, 365 times Your word commands us to fear not. That seems impossible on days of destruction such as this. New wounds have been created while old, seeping wounds perforated. Turn us from the presence of panic to a posture of prayer, God. Remind shattered hearts tonight that when we have an assurance of our eternal destination it is possible to find respite in our existent situation. I know you are gently caressing every fallen tear. Nestle the hurting in Your healing hands tonight. I pray we, your children, do not let toxic terrorists prevent us from persisting. Help us to hold on to the truth that it is far better to die living in faith than to live dying from fear. May the lacerated feel Your lavish love tonight. Soothe our splintered hearts as we process the abundance of agony that is taking place. May we, the worn watchers, lay our heads down tonight with our palms in prayer for the persecuted, security in our souls of our salvation and praise for our people sleeping safely under shelter. Amen.