Every morning my windows grab my attention. They are a showcase of God’s glory. I retreat to my front porch to find rest in the beauty displayed in the Heavens. A word that keeps appearing in my mind the last few weeks is peace. Peace from bad thought patters, peace from my own self demands, peace from condemnation when I don’t measure up, peace from the noises and movement of a chaotic world and peace in my life to be free allowing the chips of life to fall as they may. The sky has been beckoning me out every morning and evening as to say, find peace here. There is peace in every sunset and sunrise. There is peace in the valleys and on the mountain tops, over the lakes and spanning the oceans. Peace is right here on my front porch, knocking and waiting for me to answer. There is peace within each one of us, sometimes it just needs to be rediscovered. May we pursue peace from our past, in our present and amongst our people. Get out and take a few moments to bask in the glow as the sun begins tucking in for the night, and as it begins awakening for the day. No where is God more visibly alive than in nature. Look for Him today, and let His characteristic of peace pause you from busyness and permeate you with blessings. May peace find you today, friends. #nofilter #onlygod


The Sights and Sounds of Rest


I open my eyes and it’s 8:00 AM. I squint a little harder, surely I must not see right? I walk out onto the balcony, life giving reading material and breakfast in hand. As I sit trying to read, nature keeps stealing my attention. There is a gentle, but commanding breeze that is stirring up a chorus among the trees. Their leaves swish and sway in a harmony that beacons a deep exhale.There is a lizard with a bright blue tail gingerly exploring the deck. The water is calm and flowing like silk. The air is cool and feels fresh and crisp as it dances around me. There are birds chirping, signaling the start of a new day. They chirp and pause, chirp and pause as if they are in deep, connected conversation.

These are the sights and sounds of rest. These are the sights and sounds of peace, telling me it’s time to unplug and step off of the treadmill of the daily grind, and rest. It seems like such an easy invitation, so why is it so hard? It feels so natural yet so incongruent. It’s inviting and it’s awkward at the same time. It’s seemingly effortless but it takes focused intention.

Why? Why is that four letter, little word, rest, so hard? For me, I don’t live in that place near as much as I would like to, yet it is what we were created for. Rest in our minds; rest in our hearts and rest in our realities. Some realities are hard to rest in, and in those spaces I find myself fighting, fighting to make life work. Fighting to see the expectations I have created come to be, rather than be shattered before my eyes. Fighting to understand the realities of those that don’t seem fair and surely don’t make sense. It’s here I have to remind myself that expectations are the thieves of souls, as much as trying to understand HE who I am only called to know and trust, not comprehend.

So as the trees are singing a song of rest, and the harmony and chorus of nature is beckoning me, I hear a faint summons in my soul, asking me to lay it down. Lay it all down, and rest. As I listen to that calming voice, I am reminded of one of my favorite verses that always provokes a deep breath and a sense of calm within me: For now we see only a reflection in a mirror, then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part, then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.~1 Corinthians 13:12. I am fully known, and I am fully loved-that is rest!