The Best Thing

If you are a loved one are waiting in a hallway of uncertainty, bearing the weight of the unknown, I have a word for you that I pray brings encouragement.

I have been standing on shifting sand the last couple weeks stumbling in ambiguity and anxiety. It has been an all-out fight for me to remain the manager of my mind and keep my spirit in check with the peace of The Lord.

Health circumstances have forced me day after day to examine the authenticity of my theology. What set of beliefs am I operating out of not in fruitful times but fearful ones? I have been like a pendulum swinging back and forth as waves of victory and defeat have washed over me.

Last night in the midst of dark silence, God gave me the sweetest love note that has hushed my hastened heart.

D’Anna, what is the worst thing that can happen? Then, He so gently reminded me that the worst thing, should it be, is the best thing.

I often forget that. Heaven is our Home, and it is second to none.

Friend, if you or someone you treasure as dear are walking a dark road, please do not lose sight and fight to remember that as adopted children, what the world sighs at as dreadful, we can hold with maybe hurting, but absolutely hopeful hands. You are loved.


Keep The Train On The Tracks


Keep the train on the tracks! Yesterday I was having a conversation with a wise, friend. I was seeking advice about an endeavor The Lord has blessed me with this fall. My friend said to me, “if you hear nothing else, hear me say this; you have to keep the train on the tracks.” Now, he was talking about staying on task, but those words have been ringing in my mind since yesterday afternoon. I went to bed hearing them, and I woke up hearing them. It is like a soft, resolute chorus that is on a continuous loop. Here is why friends; this is such a fundamental truth of life. In every part of my life, if I don’t “keep the train on the tracks” I am going to derail. My thoughts are a primary example because they can be like an out of control train headed for collision if I do not correct them quickly. My feelings work the same way. Thoughts are the ancestors of feelings, and I am susceptible to allowing the things I think to get me off track. When I do, it is a sure bet that my feelings are raging closely behind. Being a good mind manager is one of the hardest disciplines because it requires intention and diligence, but it is imperative to my stability. Relationships are also another area that this concept is so important. It is easy for me to let things go until they build up and all of a sudden a molehill has become a mountain. If I am caring for my relationships as I should be, the train should not get too far to the left or the right of the tracks before alarms sound that I need to make some corrections. Otherwise, derailment is inevitable. I could go on with examples because this principal is all encompassing, ranging from my nutrition to my quiet time. My prayer for me and you, friend, is that we remember to keep the train on the tracks whether it be our relationship, words, health or any number of life’s challenges. I am so quick to live my day from the poverty of my flesh instead of the power of my Father. Lord Jesus help us to remember today and every day that when we keep life between the lines of your word, the train will not derail without our permission.