Hold People Close, But Jesus Closer

I was not able to go to church today because I have a pretty sick patient. I am always so grateful for the gift of technology to watch online. Our pastor said something at the start of his sermon that made me want to jump up and cheer! Yes! Yes! That!!!

He said, Jesus is enough, but He is not all we need because we were created for relationship.

Sometimes I can brutally condemn myself because I think I am supposed to feel like Jesus is enough when deep in the honest places of my heart, I still crave more. As our pastor said, He is enough for our salvation. He is enough for my sin and my righteousness and much more. Jesus is my number one confidant, comforter, and counselor. I love Him and covet His tangible presence, and there have been many hard, dark moments when He has unquestionably been enough for me, and I know there will be more. However, in the totality of my days, I still need people who point me to Him and represent Him often.

What I have learned, is that although I desire relationships with people, I have to hold that yearning in balance. When I begin needing people more than I need Jesus, then I have a problem brewing because every single relationship, except with Him will fail me at some level.

I want to hold my people close, but Jesus closer. I pray to allow my friends the blessing of showing me Jesus, without the expectations of them being Jesus.

Religion says Jesus is all we need-period. A relationship with Christ shows us our community is part of the way He does not forsake us-period. I need Jesus every day, but I want my people, too.

Friend, I appreciate doing life with you. Thank you for being present!


Feeling The Rain

When the skies are weeping, some people’s shoes get wet while other’s souls get watered. Friend, I pray today you experience the latter. Life is about intentionally choosing a grateful perspective. I do not always do this well, but this week sheer grace has allowed me to sit with the rain and enjoy its company. Water has been used to depict both the storms of life and the sustainer of life. If you are standing in a literal or a figurative storm today, may your fretting about the rain turn to feeling the rain even if for a moment. We find freedom when we face that which we want to flee. Rain may be an agitation, but it is just as much about rejuvenation when we allow ourselves to frame it that way.  You are loved!❤️