What If You Get It Wrong?

Recently, I was struggling with an important decision. It was tearing me apart as I was allowing the lies of the enemy to compromise what I know to be true.  I was lamenting to a trusted and wise friend that my fear was I would get it wrong.  My friend said to me, “D’Anna, what if you do get it wrong?”  It was then that I remembered that Jesus’ gift of salvation does not come with a qualifier that I get it all right.  If my performance was a qualification, that would mean I have some responsibility for my salvation and in my eyes, I would never be enough.  How exhausting that would be!

Thankfully, I can take no credit for my eternal destiny.  Any good work I do is as a result of the Holy Spirit’s presence, not my power.  I cannot even take credit for faith, for it is from God, as well. (Ephesians 2:8).

Are you wrestling with getting something wrong today?  Has the idea of not being perfect or falling short thrown a dark disguise over the veil of truth that is meant to set you free? (John 8:32).  I pray if you find yourself here, you take the hand of truth today.

Father, I repent of the times I fail to believe. Help me and my friend remember that you and your promises are the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8) AMEN.


The Commission is at Hand

Dearest friend,
We are children loved by a good Father without comparison. He has anointed us with a unique mission, in unprecedented times. The Father chose us for this moment in time that can be difficult to reconcile because it is a marriage of both beautiful and brutal. Because of this, it is necessary for us to love fearlessly, believe scandalously and hope without compromise. What mission has He entrusted to you today? May we all be good attendants of His holy assignments. Scandalous belief says that we have all we need to succeed today so do not look ahead for the commission is at hand.


You Do Not Have to Be Perfect Today

Good morning, friend.  You do not have to be perfect today.  You are only called to be who God has created you to be in each circumstance He places you.  Sometimes that looks messy and sometimes manageable.  It may look like wrestling and it may look like rest, but always fighting to honor the hope we have in the One who sees, knows and loves you just as much at your worst as He does your best.  You are loved!


His Beloved

7f0a8a0c9816a9698be68c059c2ebef8To believe we are anything less than His beloved is to deny the work Jesus finished on the cross.  I do not want to do that, but I do everyday when I feel or say I am not enough. Jesus is enough in our place.  He is our worthiness.  He is our righteousness.   He is our adequacy.  Our work is to believe and live in the freedom of His gift.  That is hard work, but entirely possible when we are spiritually healthy!  Counter every negative thought today with, I am His beloved.  You are loved, friend.




At the heart of encouragement is the ability to communicate one’s value, potential and worth.  It is the shining of a light into the darkest recesses of a person’s soul where inadequacy and insecurity grow. Encouragement is about affirming all that is worthy in a person, so that from those places they can function from a point of success that is guided by their true north during the fruitful, as well as the frail times.

There is a little talked about person in the Gospel named Barnabas.  His name means, son of encouragement.  He was very instrumental in the making of the life and ministry of Paul.  Although Paul is VERY important, and one of my top three favorites of the Bible, it is the Barnabas types of the world who collectively are overlooked and substantially undervalued.

Behind every great Paul, there is a Barnabas that encourages, supports and fosters affirmation within them.  This is what being the body of Christ looks like.  We are not all famous, wealthy, sought after…but we each possess an ability within us to be someone’s Barnabas, and that is far more valuable than wealth, fame or any other perceived luxury this world has to offer.

You may not feel as you are a natural encourager, but it is an ability that can be perfected through practice. It is a gift that gives in return, and the dividends are priceless.   I encourage you to read about Barnabas.  He is very understated, but his gift is not overrated.

The gift of encouragement, it can redefine the course of a defeated day.  It can elevate someone from tribulation to triumph.  It is one of the most valuable gifts you can give away for free.  Encouragement is a one size fits all offering, and it is always exchangeable.  May we all give it away freely and abundantly.  In a world where what comes around goes around, let it be encouragement!  Thank you to all my friends who encourage me.  You are far more valuable than anything I could ever own.


That Soul Ache

That ache in your soul you feel…that ache I feel…that ache your neighbor feels…it will never be satiated by anything or anyone in this world. Countless times I have thought if I could just have, (fill in the blank), if I could just do, (fill in the blank), That ache would be quenched. A hundred attempts to anesthetize it later, it is still there! We will only find the antidote for that soul ache resting in the shadows of a jagged, wood cross that points us vertically to the one place where we will ache no more.cropped-img_1413.jpg