Purpose Amidst Imperfection 

Nestled amidst the sunrise of a fresh week and all the promise it holds is an ever faithful reminder of my inadequacy. I am presently, but peacefully aware that I got more wrong than right last week, and that will surely be my truth this week as well.

My keen sense of insufficiency poses a different purpose for me now, though. Growing in grace teaches me that it is no longer about striving for perfection only to be frustrated, but seeking purpose amidst my imperfection only to be furthered.

 It is an incongruent truth that on the other side of our failures is an intention designed for our prosperity. 

Understanding that falling down is not a shameful thing, but a sacred tool is the genesis of praise. Praise opens the door and welcomes gratitude right into our hearts.

When gratitude is our guest, we see through all the heavy right into the heart of the holy, and joy becomes a source of our strength. 

This week, friend, I pray you have eyes to see and ears to hear all the beauty that your brokenness beholds, and your heart will sing, it is good and it is well with my soul.
You are loved.❤️


A Mixed Bag

Dear friend, You may need to hear this today. It is perfectly reasonable that you are both a masterpiece and a mess at the same time. You may not feel like a masterpiece, but here is the evidence in Ephesians 2:10~ For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus. Yes, it is true you are a mixed bag. So. Am. I. We live in a fallen world, of flawed people, with fluid laws, feeble morals and a fierce enemy who wants us believe to false ideas about ourselves. Not one of us is perfect, but freedom is not found in our perfection, but in the forgiveness of our failures.  You are loved!❤️


Divine Interruptions


This has been on my mind a lot this week. We go about our lives planning our days and our family’s days. We set our sights on goals, and achievements which is a good thing, but sometimes we get lost in the pursuit of those goals and we loose living, really living because our plans overshadow our purpose. The problem with this is that so many of these goals are not eternal, and in the blink of an eye they can be snatched from us with no warning and no apology.

Like a thief that has broken into our sacred space, we are left feeling stripped, lost and defeated. Interruptions to our plans steal our joy and our purpose when we are so strongly married to an outcome that we perceive as success. It’s hard to accept that something that feels so wrong could be right when these unwelcome interruptions come along, but it is a fact of life we must fight to embrace because we are not in control and our picture of success that is based on anything of this world is an illusion.

I pray to fight harder and believe stronger that these interruptions, are divine redirections even when it feels counterintuitive. I pray to not let myself be so warped up in an outcome that an interruption or providential re-positioning cannot move or shake me, but rather peak curiosity laced excitement about where my future surrendered to THE one who paves my paths, and my family’s paths will lead. Mostly, belief is a hard fight. I pray to keep my fighting gloves always laced up and ready to fight for what I know to be true by faith, and not necessarily what appears to be true by sight.