Here I Stand Ready

Jesus had piercing, beautiful eyes.   When he looked at someone his eyes penetrated through their broken exteriors and straight to their wounded hearts.   He fulfilled one of the most prominent desires of the human heart; to be fully seen and deeply known.

Last week I watched the new, modern version of the movie, Annie with my daughter.   I sobbed through most of the movie.   My daughter kept looking up at me with wondering eyes.

I cried because I saw a little girl who longed to be seen, known, wanted and loved.   She desired a safe place to belong.   Isn’t that what we all want?   In the busyness of life, it is easy to get so wrapped up in schedules and responsibilities that we do not see people well.   Orphans do not just live in homes for the homeless; they are all around us.

Ready to be Seen:

Here I stand ready to be me.
Here I stand ready to see the.
Here I stand ready for you to see me.

I dream of who I want to be.
I dream of great things for you to come to be.
I long for you to dream about me.

I love to smile.
I love you to smile at me.
I smile inside when past the charade you seek to see.

My heart is soft; it bruises easily.
I want to know your heart and how it came to be.
I long that my heart, you would fully see.

I want to love and live in harmony.
I want love for you plenty.
I want you to love me for what is inside of me.

I desire to be known.
I desire to know you that is true.
I desire for you to want to know me fully, too.

I yearn to give all of me.
I yearn to give vulnerably.
I yearn for you to give your heart a chance to be known completely.

I want to encourage with all that is in me.
I want to encourage you with the good in the.
I want to be encouraged by what God is doing within me.

I live for Jesus.
I live for Him your prize to be.
I live for you to see Jesus in me.

I bare a loving heart carved with sovereign hands.
I bare a desire to follow His commands.
I bare a dream for you to handle my heart gently, with a safe place to land.

Here I stand, how my soul yearns to be seen.
Here I stand waiting to be acknowledged by the.
Here I stand wondering, will you ever see the real me?

Father, give us perceptive eyes to see not just the outsides, but the deeply neglected insides of your people.   Train our eyes to be like Jesus, seeing past all the masks, smiles, accessories and facades. Enable us to see straight to the heart, and minister to wounded souls who long to be found.   Thank you, Jesus for loving us.   We praise you for seeing past our ragamuffin exteriors, and deep into our needy interiors.   Let us desire the sight of no other above you.   Bless us with community who pursue us with a deep vision, concern, and care.   There are so many invisible people, Jesus.   May we not overlook one of them.   Here we stand ready to be seen.   Let us feel your satisfied sight upon us most loving and gentle Savior.   Amen.