Welcome Friend! I am glad you are here. I am a busy mom of two, but my most valued identity is beloved and accepted daughter of my Heavenly Father. As HIS daughter, I seek to pursue the freedom found in a transparent life. My desire if that this community would be a place to establish connection and friendship through glimpses of my beautifully broken life. I pray you always leave here feeling better than when you showed up.

I have to preach truth to myself every day because life can be challenging as a wife, mom, friend, daughter and disciple. Knowing Who my adequacy comes from is pivotal. As you journey with me, I pray my words help you smile when you are sad, bring assurance when you are afraid and refreshment when you are ragged.

I understand that no one in this life is immune to pain. My personal scars have been transformed into stars that The Lord has purposed into a passion for understanding, listening to and loving hurting people. My life verse, 2 Corinthians 1:4, is also one of my greatest commissions. It states~He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us.

I believe our vulnerability is the greatest gift we have to offer each other. When I embrace transparency, it frees me from a life of isolation, and the exhaustion of trying to appear like I have it all together. Transparency is contagious and liberating because it gives other’s permission to be “normal.” We need to walk this beautifully, broken life with each other well. I cannot be present with people if am not willing to give up my need to manage what you think of me and to have an appearance of an “all together” life. I am only accountable to One. He accepts you and me just as we are-broken. Won’t you come on this encouraging journey with me?

Our freedom in Jesus is not in our perfection, but that we fail every day and are forgiven.

Doesn’t that just seem unbelievable! It is the most amazing gift. The deeper my intimacy with Jesus grows, so does the clarity of my flaws. I am so thankful it is not about my performance, but His.

My blog is a place where all the masks can come off, friends. Let us dare be real together. It is in our authenticity that we will find rest, relationship and reassurance.

Life is often difficult, but we have a hope found in Jesus bigger than anything we will ever face down here under the sun. Faith is a fight that we must renew daily. Let us fight the good fight together, friends.

You will find only love lives here. ~D’Anna

Meet my tribe~my family:

My beautiful daughter, Macey.

My handsome, son, Carter.

My hubby.

Princess Paisley

















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  1. lori rosenthal says:

    D’Anna, I am thrilled to have this site. Your entries on facebook have blessed me daily. You have a beautiful spiritual gift and I thank you for sharing it. Lori rosenthal

  2. George Shamblin says:

    so cool friend in Jesus…this is awesome stuff and really put together well. Your wroting style is super–George Shamblin

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